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                                              OR A LIFETIME ?"

I believe there are too many clothes yet not enough soulful and respectful label. // I believe Fashion must create a shock - The shock of the New combined with the shock of the IntImately familiar. // I believe Fashion must treat the world and the people right. // I believe it is our duty to make things change for the better.

This collection is set to offer an alternative to the classic men’s wardrobe, it aims to create a form of subtle rebellion. This collection is born with the idea to bring sensuality and textures to the men’s wardrobe, thus working with contrasting fabric. From very row jean to sheer silk organza, from frayed fabrics to delicate embroidered metallic shimmers, from raw hand drawn flowers to lace inspired prints.

"ARE WE A MOMENT OR A LIFETIME?" aims to promote a versatile yet wearable fashion where the designs focus as much on the silhouette as the craftwork on its surface. This collection is an Ode to casual glamour and graceful boldness.

This collection is made for the men of today, a man that likes the past, that looks at the past but who isn’t nostalgic. A man that isn’t afraid of a gentle blur between the feminine and the masculine.

As everything now as to be «cool» this collection is for a man that thinks it is «cool» to be elegant.

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